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Virtual care can help you fit essential doctor’s visits into a busy schedule or reduce your risk of exposure to diseases if you’re immunocompromised.

At MyDoctor Direct Primary Care, I offer unlimited virtual care visits as part of your membership. 

Virtual care, or telemedicine, involves primary care appointments that you can attend from the comfort of your home, a hotel room, or other places besides the MyDoctor Direct Primary Care office. As a member, you can access unlimited telemedicine visits for a variety of reasons. 

During a virtual care visit with me, you’ll communicate using technology. You’ll use video chat with high-quality audio so you can still visit face-to-face and discuss your health-related concerns with a personal touch. I can even conduct a basic physical exam with your help using telemedicine. 

Virtual care simplifies health care for you in several ways and allows you to get the medical care you need without leaving your current location. I use top-of-the-line video and audio to give you an experience that’s as close to an in-person visit as possible.


Virtual Care

At MyDoctor Direct Primary Care, you can have different types of virtual care visits. If virtual care is more convenient or healthier for you in any way, you can use it for these primary care purposes:

Mental Health Visits

I can assess your mental health or evaluate your progress with treatment for conditions like depression or anxiety during a virtual mental health visit. I can also make adjustments to your medications if necessary. 

Women's Health Visits

Some women’s health services are available with virtual care. While you’ll need to get services like pelvic exams and Pap Smears in person, I can help you interpret test results, adjust medications, or follow up after woman’s health treatments during a virtual care visit.

Sick Visits

If you have new or returning symptoms, you can complete a sick visit with me using virtual care. I'll ask about your symptoms and can prescribe appropriate medications during a virtual sick visit. 

I can also make specialist referrals during a virtual visit if you need further care.

Virtual care offers you numerous benefits over in-office visits, especially if you need to see me regularly for any reason. A few of the many benefits of virtual care include:

  • Less time and money spent traveling
  • No chance of exposure to germs in the office
  • No chance of spreading contagious illnesses to other patients or office staff
  • Completing care from the comfort of your home environment
  • Appointments that are easier to fit into your schedule

You may also be able to achieve better continuity in your care by integrating virtual visits into your treatment plan. By taking advantage of your unlimited virtual visits, you can correspond with me more frequently than you would using in-office visits exclusively.

To find out if you can use virtual care for your next visit, call MyDoctor Direct Primary Care or schedule your visit online today.

To find out which visits you can complete with Virtual Care instead of an office visit, call MyDoctor Direct Primary Care or schedule an appointment online today.


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