Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) may seem new to medicine, but the movement resembles healthcare from previous times. Instead of the fee-for-service model (think co-pays and expensive office visit charges), DPC uses a membership model. Through this method, I cut down wait times, reduce costs and burdens of healthcare, and maximize time with you. DPC provides a no-fuss, affordable approach to medical care.

Concierge medicine typically bills insurance for each visit and charges the patient an additional fee on top of insurance co-pays in order to access the doctor. These fees total up to several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars per year.

DPC doctors recognize that typical health care delivery is unnecessarily complicated, costly, and often confusing. We are changing the status quo! DPC pertains to monthly memberships, and we do not bill your insurance - simple and straightforward. I work to obtain discounts on medications, labs, and imaging, which ultimately benefits our members and decreases healthcare costs for the community.

Together, we can eliminate the barriers to excellent, intentional, and individual care.

No, you don't need insurance. While I recommend insurance for emergencies and other needs, I don't require it, nor do I bill insurance companies for services. To score the best value, I work with vendors directly to get my patients' labs and imaging at cost. I also work to obtain medication discounts.

Patients may utilize any health insurance they have for outside services (i.e., medications, labs, diagnostic imaging, specialist referrals, DME, etc.).  DPC partners well with all health insurance providers, except for HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)-type of health insurance, which requires you to choose a physician within the In-Network Provider list.  We are considered Out-of-Network for HMO plans, including Tricare Prime, so DPC practices cannot order tests/referrals for HMO patients.

If you have no health insurance, are under-insured, or have a high-deductible insurance plan, our DPC practice is a great solution for your healthcare needs.

I am honored to accept Medicare patients under the membership model but cannot directly bill Medicare for my services. Medicare patients will still be able to use Medicare to obtain their medications, labs, diagnostic imaging, and specialist referrals.

However, Medicare patients may opt to take advantage of my discounted prices for these services, if it is more cost-effective for you.


My Practice

Affordable, monthly membership fees allow me to offer excellent timely care, various routine services, and deeply discounted lab and diagnostic imaging options. In my many years working in typical doctor's offices, there are many challenges with visits that last less than 15 minutes.

Appointments with intentional scheduling when patients need attention coupled with minimal to zero wait time create a different norm for doctor visits!

I do not see patients under 12 years of age, and do not provide Prenatal/Obstetrics care, but I am happy to refer you to my excellent specialist colleagues.

I do not prescribe controlled medications for chronic conditions (i.e., opioids, benzodiazepines, amphetamines), but partner with chronic pain and mental health specialists to help co-manage your overall health.

Additionally, monthly membership fees do not cover out-of-office treatments or medical needs (i.e., hospitalizations, urgent care, surgeries, specialist care, outpatient labs/diagnostic tests, and medications).

Yes! Medical conditions do not change your eligibility or membership price.

I want accessible, intentional, and affordable healthcare for the community, including those with chronic concerns.

Our country's medical industry hides price markups and capitalizes on this. I do not do this in my DPC practice.

I believe patients need to know about costs upfront, and it's time to question why medical services are so expensive in the first place. 

As your doctor, I negotiate with suppliers and companies, which ultimately helps me save you money - plain, simple, and affordable.

Seriously, there are no co-pays for virtual/phone visits and up to 20 face-to-face clinic visits per year. Schedule with me as often as you need during business hours.

Think of your MyDoctor DPC membership as a gym membership. Like most gyms, you wouldn't get charged every time you visit the gym; the same thing applies to your MyDoctor DPC membership!

No, there are additional fees for vaccines. I encourage patients to utilize the local Public Health Department and local pharmacies for potential cost-savings options.

Please see the Services page for a list of in-office procedures included in your monthly membership.

When medically indicated, EKG, Spirometry (breathing test), and basic in-office labs (Urinalysis, Rapid Strep) are provided at no additional cost. In-office minor surgical procedures are provided at no additional charge, except for upfront pricing on surgical kits and pathology costs.

I love building patient relationships for the long haul (a primary reason I went into Family Medicine). However, I understand that the most crucial factor for patients surrounds how they feel about their doctors.

If you feel that I am not a good fit for your health needs, please let me know. You are free to unsubscribe from your membership at any point - no gimmicks or long-term commitments.

Yay! I am accepting new patients, and I'm excited to meet you. To start, click the "Sign Up" button below or in the toolbar above.

To schedule a virtual visit or in-person appointment with me and my dedicated team at MyDoctor Direct Primary Care, call the office or book online today.



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