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Physical exam appointments may not seem like a high priority if you’re not sick, but they’re an essential part of preventive care and can help you improve your health over time. At MyDoctor Direct Primary Care in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Alice Ordonez, MD, provides annual physical exams as well as school and sports physical exams as part of your paid membership. To schedule a physical exam, call MyDoctor Direct Primary Care or book an appointment online today.

Physical Exam Q & A

What is a physical exam?

A physical exam is a basic visit to a physician, whether you’re sick or not. During a physical exam at MyDoctor Direct Primary Care, Dr. Ordonez completes a comprehensive evaluation of your general health and wellness. She also offers diagnostic tests and can recommend necessary minor procedures that can be done in-office. 

As a member of MyDoctor Direct Primary Care, you can visit the office for several types of physical exams. Dr. Ordonez provides:

Annual physical exams

An annual physical exam is included in your MyDoctor Direct Primary Care membership. Each year, you can visit Dr. Ordonez for a general evaluation of your health, development, and wellness. 

School physical exams

Many schools require you to get a physical exam as a condition of your enrollment. 

Sports physical exams

Whether you play sports on a school team, with an organization, or independently, it’s important to get a sports physical to make sure you can play safely without compromising your health. Schools and organizations usually require sports physicals as a condition of your enrollment. 

Which tests can I get during a physical exam?

During a standard physical exam, Dr. Ordonez measures and takes note of your vital signs, including your blood pressure and heart rate. With a number of basic tests, she evaluates your overall health and body functioning. This includes checking your ears, nose, and throat, as well as organ palpations, a skin inspection, and a neurological exam.

Depending on her findings, Dr. Ordonez might recommend one or more of these additional tests and services available at MyDoctor Direct Primary Care:

  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Spirometry tests
  • Dermoscopy
  • Point-of-care ultrasounds
  • Minor surgeries (e.g., skin biopsies, abscess drainage, cryotherapy for warts)
  • Blood tests
  • Urinalysis
  • Rapid strep tests
  • Rapid flu tests

At your physical exam appointments, you have the opportunity to ask Dr. Ordonez questions about your health and any changes that have occurred since your last visit. 

What are the benefits of getting physical exams?

Getting regular physical exams is beneficial to your health and your understanding of your health. By attending your annual physical exams and getting as-needed exams for school or sports, you can:

  • Develop a close relationship with your primary care provider
  • Observe and identify trends in your health and functioning
  • Get earlier diagnoses of health complications
  • Learn to manage your health with necessary lifestyle changes

Each of your physical exams at MyDoctor Direct Primary Care is laid-back and lasts for up to 60 minutes. Dr. Ordonez dedicates time to answering your questions and explaining any interesting or unusual developments in your health and wellness. She also gives recommendations for managing conditions like high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

To schedule your next physical exam for school, sports, or your peace of mind, call MyDoctor Direct Primary Care or book online today.

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