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Monthly Membership Plans

Ages 12-18

with paying adult: $25

without paying adult: $79 

Ages 19-64


Ages 65+


Family Plan

includes paying adult, spouse, and up to 6 dependents ages 12-18: $250 


unlimited home visits

(priced per person, subject to approval): $225

+ Enrollment Details


Complimentary 15 minute meet and greet prior to enrollment

(virtually or face-to-face)

Enrollment fee (one time fee due on 1st visit): $99 per patient

Max enrollment fee: $200 per Family


Home/Work site visit during office hours (within 7 mile radius from office, subject to availability):  additional $99 per visit

After-hours in-office visit (subject to availability):  additional $79 per visit

After-hours Home visit (subject to availability):  additional $99 per visit


Membership fees are due on the 25th of each month

Memberships that start after the 15th of the month are prorated

(credit card, debit, and automatic bank draws)

$25 late fee applies if 3 days past due


Membership service prices are subject to change

(45 day written notice to current members)


Re-enrollment fee (60+ days past last payment, subject to approval): $250

Patient may cancel membership with a 24-hour written notice

Patient Limit: 500

Business Plans

  • Enrollment Fee is 50% off for employees only

  • Enrollment Fee of $99 for each family member, $200 max per family 

  • Discounts apply when employer enrolls 5 or more employees

  • Family plan rate available under business plan

$79/month per employee
$79/month for employee’s spouse
$25/month per dependent ages 12-18
Doctor's Desk

Membership Services Continued


  • Deep discounts on labs/diagnostic tests and medications

  • Minor surgeries

    • cryotherapy for warts

    • abscess incision and drainage

    • skin biopsies, sutures, suture removal

    • steroid injections to knees or shoulders

    • (Exclusion: Patient covers cost of biopsy lab pathology and $15 surgical kit, if applicable)

  • Pap smear (excluding the cost of discounted lab pathology)

  • In-office Urinalysis and Strep tests, if clinically indicated

  • EKG (heart evaluation) and Spirometry (for Asthma or COPD), if clinically indicated

  • Dermoscopy to assess skin lesions

  • Point-of-Care Ultrasound


After 6 months of membership, access to Botox and supervised weight loss programs with up to 5-10% discount during advertised promotions


Access to discounted local specialists’ prices or online telemedicine specialists, if specialist care should ever be needed. 

Primary care is equipped to typically handle 90% of your health care needs

Doctor's Desk



  • Annual Physical | $175-300 |  Free for members

  • Pap smear | $185-280 |  Discounted Pap pathology costs average $40-45 for members

  • Video Appointment | $49 for 15 minute consultation | Free for members during business hours

  • EKG | $99 | Free for members

  • Spirometry | $120+ |  Free for members

  • Rapid Strep Test | $20 | Free for members

  • Rapid Flu Test | $70-150 | $18 for members

  • Urinalysis | $25 | Free for members.

  • Cryotherapy of warts and precancerous skin lesions | $200-500+ | Free for members

  • Skin biopsy | $300-500+ | Members pay only for $15 surgical kit and additional lab pathology costs (average $45 per specimen)

  • Sutures | $99+ | Free for members

  • Suture removal | $49 | Free for members

  • Nebulizer treatment including medications | $99 | $5 for members

  • Specialist visits average | $300+ | Access to discounted local specialists’ prices or online telemedicine specialists for members


(Procedure and Supply Prices are determined by necessity and current external vendor/market prices)


Monday - Friday: 9AM - 4PM

Available by appointment only


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